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Cape and Islands Health Agent Coalition

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Amy L. Alati, BGS, MRP, MS
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Ohio NYC MV and Nantucket 063The members of this regional public health coalition have worked collaboratively for the past decade to enhance our communities on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket through our capacity to share resources, information and ongoing trainings. These prepare us to respond to local public health threats and emergencies, including terrorism and outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Specifically, coalition members work under Massachusetts Department of Public health guidelines in a collaborative manner to:

  1. Coordinate with one another to enhance overall public health safety, disease survellance, and emergency preparedness and response throughout the Cape and Islands;
  2. Share knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices by participating in monthly meetings;
  3. Assess and monitor regional public health emergency planning and response needs;
  4. Make funding decisions to enhance regional emergency planning and public health response capacity;
  5. Submit plans, needs, and requests to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Center for Emergency Preparedness;
  6. Be accountable and responsible for the use of CDC funding;
  7. Coordinate efforts to further emergency preparedness with other existing regional or local plans (e.g., Community Emergency Management Plans); and
  8. Meet the other goals associated with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control, and state Emergency Preparedness initiatives as well as other regional public health efforts.


Membership of the Cape & Islands Health Agents Coalition consists of a member or designee of the local public health authority for the following cities/towns in this sub-regional coalition:

Each member has one (1) vote, for a total of 23 votes for this sub-regional coalition in Region 5 of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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