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Child Safety

Poison Control


Keep the number of poison control written down near your house phone and store in in your favorites on your cell phone.

About Child Safety

baby-653726_1280All children deserve to live in a safe, healthy home environment. There are numerous health hazards in the home which are easily preventable.

Chemical Hazards

  • Keep all household cleaning products, drain cleaners, insecticides, and herbicides out of a child’s reach, either by placing them in a locked cabinet or on a high, difficult to access shelf.
  • Keep all medicines in a locked cabinet.
  • Keep all personal care products such as lotions, soaps, hair care products, and shaving gels in a locked cabinet.
  • Keep all baby care products such as diaper rash cream out of reach.
  • Keep all paints, stains, thinners and solvents in an inaccessible location.
  • Have your home tested for the presence of lead paint if it was built before 1978.
  • Keep rock salt (ice melt) out of reach. Also sweep up any lose rock salt that is carried inside the home on shoes and boots.

Physical Hazards

  • Keep guns in a securely locked gun safe
  • Secure easy to tip over furniture to the wall.
  • Use plug protectors on every outlet and keep lose lamp and appliance cords out of reach.
  • Install and use baby gates at both the top and bottom of staircases.
  • Keep small objects (choking hazards) out of reach.
  • Install locking mechanisms on cabinets.

Home Air Quality

  • Adopt a smoke-free policy in your home and car.
  • Test for radon gas.


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Header Image: By Chesapeake Bay Program on Flickr. Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License