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About Wildfire

In any given year, there are between 65,000 and 85,000 wildfires across the United States. These fires can burn upwards of 9,000,000 acres of land. While the vast majority of these fires are located in the western half of the United States, wildfires can – and do – occur throughout the country, including across Cape Cod.

Major wildfires occurred on Cape Cod throughout the 18th, 19th and early half of the 20th Century. According to research compiled by the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, in the 1920s an average of 8,500 acres of land would burn annually in wildfires across Cape Cod. While major fires have not occurred in recent years, the region remains at high risk.

Today, Barnstable County’s Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Office, in conjunction with state officials and local municipalities, maintains the Barnstable County Wildfire Preparedness program. The program supports education, training and fire mitigation activities across Cape Cod.

For further information, please visit the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Office’s website.