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Bizarre Why Knuckles Crack

Why Knuckles Crack

Scientists think they may have solved an old question about the cracking of knuckles: Why does it make that sound? The crack apparently comes from a bubble forming in the fluid within the joint when the bones separate, according to a study published Wednesday. It’s like a tiny air bag inflating. The findings confirm the […]

4/16/15 at 9:54 am     1293     NPR
Bizarre Too much iced tea caused US man’s kidney problems

Too much iced tea caused US man’s kidney problems

Doctors traced a man’s kidney failure to an unusual cause—his habit of drinking a gallon (almost four liters) of iced tea each day. They ruled out several potential causes before stumbling on a reason for the 56-year-old Arkansas man’s kidney problems. He said he drank about 16 8-ounce (about a quarter of a liter) cups […]

4/2/15 at 11:42 am     1265     Medical Xpress