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Welcome to our Barnstable County COVID-19 interactive data dashboard! Data is updated weekly*.

*Please note: due to the MA DPH reporting schedule, there is a two week reporting delay on comprehensive weekly COVID-19 case data which is publicized every Thursday. For example, the reporting end date for data publicized on Thursday, April 7th would be Saturday, March 26th. 

Metrics published on 2/25/22 by the CDC provide new guidance on masking and other mitigation measures. >>

March 14, 2022: *Please note: After a thorough review of Massachusetts data, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MA DPH) has concluded that the initial surveillance definition for COVID associated deaths used in Massachusetts between March 2020 and April 2021 was unusually expansive and resulted in an overcount of deaths especially during the second wave of the pandemic. Now that there is a national surveillance definition based on a more thorough understanding of COVID-19 infection and mortality, Massachusetts data has been updated to reflect that, resulting in an overall decrease of total COVID-19-associated deaths. Impact will vary by municipality.

 Based upon this information Barnstable County’s Community Risk Level is HIGH