Underground Storage Tanks

The Department continues existing efforts to protect groundwater resources from leaking underground petroleum storage tanks.  All boards of health on Cape Cod have implemented regulations requiring that underground storage tanks be periodically tested and removed from the ground at specified times, typically when the tank reaches 30 years of age.  As a service to local boards of health, the Department tracks tanks that need to be tested and removed, and performs soil vapor testing of these tanks to detect any leakage.

UST System Owner/Operator Responsibilities:
If you own or operate one or more UST systems, you have until August 8, 2012, to:

  • Designate at least one certified Class A, B and C Operator for each UST system.
  • Document that each designated Class A, B or A/B Operator is correctly trained on the UST system(s) for which s/he is responsible.
  • Document that each Class C Operator has received site-specific training from a Class A, B or A/B Operator.

UST Operator Qualifications:
To become certified as a Class A, B or A/B UST Operator, you must:

  • Take and pass a state-administered Class A, B or A/B UST Operator Exam;
  • Receive a MassDEP issued certificate indicating the level of operator certification received;
  • Be designated by the facility owner as the responsible UST Operator; and
  • Obtain training on the type(s) of UST system (s) for which you have been designated an Operator.

To become a Class C Operator, you do not need to take and pass a state-administered exam, but you must receive site-specific training from a Class A, B or A/B Operator on the UST system(s) for which you will be responsible, including how to respond to alarms and emergencies.

The regulations are a 2 step process by the August 8, 2012 deadline:

  1. UST Operator Qualifications – Class A + B operators take and pass the exam (Class C operator receive site specific training from a Class A or B operator)
  2. Then you can be trained as a Class A, B or A/B Operator on the UST system(s) for which you are responsible.

UST Operator Exam Information Links:

The first link gives the information on the exam and then you can click on the different links, Operator Regulations, Class A+B operators, Register for the exam, study for the exam, what to do after the exam.

There are reference documents that will help you prepare for the exam and some of the other States (e.g. Maine) have free websites that offer training of the UST requirements for their State regulations which will also help. Remember, the exam is specific to MassDEP UST requirements and may differ from Maine’s requirements.


The second link is the API website which is the live website for taking the exam, it also has study information for preparing for the exam.