Cape Cod Regional Tobacco Control Program

Under the direction of Robert Collett, the Cape Cod Regional Tobacco Control Program (CCRTCP) is supported through a state grant administered by the Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment.  The grant enables staff members to provide collaborative member towns, including Cape Cod’s 15 towns, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Wareham, with education and enforcement services to assure compliance with state and local regulations.  The regulations pertain to youth’s access to tobacco products and smoking in indoor public areas and workplaces.

The Program’s education efforts include two annual visits to tobacco merchants in all twenty-seven communities within the service area, totaling 1,040 visits, and assisting local Boards of Health with promulgation and implementation of tobacco control regulations.  Two tobacco compliance checks (utilized to assure compliance with youth access laws) are conducted in each town within the service area for a total of 1,064 checks.  In addition, 425 area tobacco retailers were surveyed to assess availability of “Other Tobacco Products”, such as little cigars, blunt wraps, dissolvable tobacco products, etc.  During fiscal year 2010, the Program also conducted nine inspections of workplaces in response to public complaints regarding smoking, and ensured compliance with smoking laws at all middle schools and high schools.  The Cape Cod Regional Tobacco Control Program was represented on the Falmouth Substance Abuse Commission, and provided educational seminars to several PTA’s, school nurse’s groups, and local boards of health, showcasing the aforementioned “Other Tobacco Products”.

In response to a heightened interest in smoke-free public housing and condominium complexes, CCRTCP has provided guidance throughout fiscal year 2010 to several residents and management staff of these entities.

An advisory panel consisting of one representative from each collaborative member town meets semi-annually to review policy and initiatives and help guide the Program.